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The Surprise Boxes (Short Fiction Book)

The Surprise Boxes” is the second short fiction book written by Vishakha Purohit. The story revolves around a sixty five year old man who is narrating an incident that happened in his life.

That one incident changed everything in his life and the way he thinks about certain things.

An arranged one surprise meeting with his daughter lead to an onset of certain unexpected series of events and he kept asking himself one question, ‘where did she go?’ to find an answer as the future unfolds with time.

“So we were on the cloud nine because we were seeing our daughter now. The moment we entered her apartment and what we saw took my breath away, since then, everything changed forever.

It was a very frustrating day and I remember it very clearly, although, it has been a few years now but I remember everything. I was drenched in sweat and I was breathing heavily as it was very hot in here. Everything was out of place and out of order in this place or maybe, it was just me who was in that state. We came here to surprise her and as a result, we ended up being very shocked. I didn’t know what to do. I was very confused.”

Will he find her? Will he see her again ever in his life? What exactly happened to her that she had gone away?  Is she alive or dead?

Let’s find out what will happen next in this story.

Read further to find out what will happen in this story.

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