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Why I Changed My Dog’s Name

Written by Vishakha Purohit

I brought her as a small puppy and she was a very hyper Pomeranian. She would always climb and mess up with my father’s study table. She would bring her muddy paws into the kitchen and then it would piss my mom off as she is very particular about cleanness. Almost everyone was irritated and annoyed with her activities. She would run from one place to another and would ignore us our calls to make her sit down. I just cannot imagine how she would look like if she would sit down silently. She was a notorious puppy and I loved her because she was cute and amazing. Her fur was soft as cotton and silky. She has a habit of running away when I would take her for bathing and it is a tiring task for me to find her. She would roam around in the tub and apply the soap on her was a time-consuming task. It is very funny to see her covered with bubbles of soap. I really don’t have a clue of how she was named in my “Idiot”. She was a stock of laughter at times. She would do things we don’t think of.

She was famous amongst other Pomeranians in our residential area. You won’t believe how hilarious it is when I take her out for a walk and I would call her name. People would be confused at all times thinking who I called an “idiot”. Sometimes, people would call her name ‘idiot’ to call her. A few times, I would end up being confused and embarrassed trying to figure out who exactly are neighbors calling “idiot”, my dog or me because it is hard to remind yourself all the time that your dog is being called as your dog’s name is “idiot” and not you. Sometimes, people would call me idiot intentionally to tease me and I would prefer to ignore it.

The situation would be more weird and funny when a guest would come to visit and leave our house with a misunderstanding that we were calling them “idiot”. So everything would become crazy when she is around. The irony of the situation would be when we would call her in front of the guest to make her sit down and sometimes the guests would be confused and misunderstand us. In the end, they would leave our house. Sometimes we would laugh later recalling these incidents, although it was not funny when it used to happen.

Finally, I decided to change her name to “strawberry” as she was still a puppy and would grasp her new name easily. Without any further delay, we changed her name and when someone would wish to tease me by calling “strawberry” as well as “idiot” repetitively then I walk like a deaf ignoring them. As future unfolds, in the end, everything turned out to be fine. I think you know why I changed my dog’s name.

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