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The Old Lady

Written by Vishakha Purohit

It was sometime in the middle of February when something happens in my life. Not exactly in my life but somewhere nearby my house which influenced me deeply. It is not like it never happened before in this world or is not happening now somewhere but truly, it was so much disappointing to see it happen nearby my house. I am glad and happy to know that there are still people like the old lady who has a huge heart for others and are eager to help when people are in need, especially, when they themselves are suffering from troubles in their individual lives.
Before this incident, I was not aware of whom this old lady was but now I know her. To give you a quick introduction of whom this old lady is. I would like to tell you that she lives nearby my house in a very small home which consists of only one room, one small area which she calls it her kitchen and a tiny area which is her bathroom. No drawing room or living room just a small house where she lives alone as her family met a fatal accident and could not survive it. So this old lady goes to a few houses to offer her help to other families for their household chores and earns some amount of money. From the morning to the evening, she works for others for her living and she fulfills her daily needs like food and other things. It is a very tough life for an old lady but she does not have any other choice and no family who could help her.
On the way back to her house her eyes rested upon a wrapped cloth lying on the road and she picked up the cloth. She heard a baby cry and she immediately unwrapped the clothing to discover a cute baby in a very miserable state. The baby was covered with mud and flies were roaming around. The old lady tried to find where the baby came from but could not find anything so she decided to take the baby to her home. She cleaned the baby and covered the baby with her clothing. She feeds the baby with milk. The baby girl was so cute and was around the age of a day or two. She was an infant and was in need of help.
It is a very disturbing truth that people leave their infant child when the child needs his or her mother the most in his or her life only because the baby is a girl. I do not know how a mother can leave her child no matter the child is a girl or a boy. A child is a child for a mother whether it is a girl or a boy. How can the strong bond of nine months of pregnancy become so weak after knowing the baby is a girl? The mother who herself was a girl sometime back in the past when she was young could leave her own baby because the baby is a girl. It is so disappointing to know this happen so often. The situation is so much ironic that the people who worship goddess are the ones who leave their child only because the baby is a girl. The people who are alive because of a girl or a woman who they call their mother are the ones who leave their girl child. They are insulting the kind who has given birth to them. I feel so helpless because I cannot help all the girls who are sent to orphanages in this huge world. I as an individual am so much helpless and restless to help them but cannot do it alone.
The old lady informed the police after two days and the police started to find who her parents were. They searched everywhere in every house and every hospital. They also came to my house to ask if I was the baby’s parent and that’s how I came to know about the baby. I volunteered help to find the baby girl’s family and in the process of searching, I came to know about the old lady. I went to her house to ask her where she found the baby along with the police to investigate everything closely.
After a month or so of our efforts to search for the baby’s family, we failed to find who the baby’s parents were and the baby girl was sent to an orphanage. I wanted to help the baby somehow and I was feeling so much restless.
After a day or two when the baby was sent to the orphanage the old lady came to know about the progress of the baby’s case, the old lady came to my house sobbing loudly and asked me to help her as she wanted to adopt the baby girl. I could see how much she loved the baby girl and I learned in a second that baby girl would never find such a loving and caring parent like the old lady. She wanted a baby so much and I also wanted to help the baby girl. I felt that the old lady would be her mother and a better mother than her biological mother who left her so heartlessly.
The next day, we went to the orphanage and legally, after filling all the forms for adoption brought the baby girl home. I told the old lady that I would happily help her if she ever needs help in the process of the upbringing of the baby girl. I wanted her to send the girl to a school also as I wanted the girl to grow up as a successful and independent woman who could take care of herself.
I think that we all think the trend of neglecting and leaving the girl child and throwing her away like an object is not right. I also know if people like the old lady volunteer to keep a girl child like their own boy child and make them successful and independent so they can take care of themselves can make a difference in this world.


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