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My Precious Dog Bruno

Written by Vishakha Purohit

It was the time of evening when I looked out of the window and I noticed, a boy playing with his dog. He was throwing a stick and then, he called out ‘Shadow’ to the German shepherd. The Alsatian obediently brought the stick back to the boy.
It reminded me of the time, when I had a pet dog, Bruno, once. He was a very strong and a loving canine. I used to take him for a walk and he would enjoy walking for long distances. I used to hold his leash and he never would pull it like other dogs do while we would walk. But whenever we used to walk without his leash then he would run and would always try to be ahead of me throughout the whole way like a guard dog. I would be busy calling him to walk beside me. I must tell you one of his best qualities was that he never bit anyone in our society. Although everyone loved him strangers would be scared of him.

Everyone loved him very much and knew him very well. Bruno was an Alsatian who looked very royal and handsome. His popularity, as well as goodness, was very renowned in our residence area and everyone knew him. We used to play in the garden in the evening and all the people, especially, children would gather around us to play football with him. He was the main reason I had many friends. I loved him very much. He also enjoyed playing football with us. It was my responsibility to give him food and it was one of the reasons our friendship strengthened gradually. During my summer vacation, I used to plan a vacation and it was only the time I had to leave him at our house. Honestly, I used to spend every moment missing him.
Unfortunately, something unexpected happened to us a year ago when we were playing. It was an unexpected moment that he ran out of the garden to get the football and he did not return for a long time. I rushed out of the garden to see why it is taking him so such a long time to come back and he was nowhere. I searched everywhere and I could not find him. After some time, I realized that he was kidnapped and taken away. I can’t forget that day. It was the worst day of my life. My heart sank with sorrow and hopelessness. I just did not know how to find him and I wanted my best buddy but I could not do anything to get him back. I was simply cursing the time and I could not stop myself from crying out loudly. Everyone gathered at my house and we were very much scared for his safety and worried about him. It was about one year back that he was taken away but still I can remember everything clearly. That day I did not lose Bruno but also my other friends who used to play with us. We filed a complaint at the police station and tried our best to find him but the police could not find him.

Gradually, I stopped seeing or talking with all my friends and I was missing my best friend Bruno. I was lonely and miserable and nobody could stop me from crying. My parents were worried about me so I had to hide my sadness and I would cry only at night trying to show them that I am brave and fine. This event changed me forever and It turned me into a strong person. I lived like as if someone had stolen the half of me from me. I did not eat much food and it was the toughest time of my life. I felt something heavy on my heart and choking my throat. And now, I missed him more than I would when I was enjoying my vacations.
So I closed the window and sat on my chair and started thinking about the good times I shared with my best buddy Bruno.

The next day, in the morning I went out for a walk to distract myself as I was lost in his thoughts and memories. This was the only way to live a dull life without him. I was trying to live a normal happy life but only trying to but not living it yet. I went out to walk for a very long distance so that I could make sense out of life then a miracle happened. And suddenly my eyes fell on a dog who appeared very weak. He looked as if he had been tortured a lot. The way he opened his eyes reminded me of Bruno and I couldn’t put my eyes on him again. So I decided to walk away. I used to come here very frequently with Bruno for a walk so I just wanted to go away from that place. I did not come here for a very long period of time but today I just felt like coming here. When I was walking towards my house and I did not realize that the dog was following me. He barked at me to tell me that he was behind me. He was struggling with his steps due to his injuries. He entered my house and sat exactly on the place where Bruno used to sit. I watched him carefully and tears rolled down my cheeks. It was my best buddy Bruno and I failed to recognize him.
I was very happy as well as concerned about his health after noticing his physical condition. My poor dog went through a very difficult experience that I could not imagine I was feeling the happiness of his return at the moment so I ran inside to get some food for him. I brought his favorite blanket over which he loved to sleep on. I made him sleep in my room from that day onwards. It was the happiest day of my life when I found him back. I silently thanked God and I realized how powerful prayers are. I was praying to God to find him back for a long time and finally now, I got him back.
Since then we are spending our time together. Just like earlier days, we went to play in the park where I saw Shadow the previous day. It is a safer place to play in. After some time Bruno and Shadow became good friends. He is no longer weak now and I am taking full responsibility for his health from his diet and exercise schedule to his resting time. His whole routine was set by me. I am him to his veterinarian and the doctor says he is making progress regarding his health and he will be absolutely fine very soon. I guess this is how life takes a U-turn from a bad phase to a good one. Bruno’s getting his feast now. See you soon.


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