Vishakha Purohit

Freelance Jewelry Writer

Just a Cup of Coffee and My Pencil

Written by Vishakha Purohit

Oh my God!! What else you could think about on a Sunday. When we have nothing special to do and we all have is the whole day with just you. If you are a workaholic then you might want to skip it altogether from your calendar. If you are waiting for it for six days then bravo, it is a party or a picnic time. If you are an artist or a sports person then the whole day is for your passion. Congratulations!!!!!! Sunday is all you wanted to do in all those boring and hectic six days of the week. For me, it is just a cup of coffee and a pencil is enough to bring back the spark of joy to the day.

The cup of coffee comes to my mouth and sip by sip I drink it with ecstasy along with taking in all joy it could give me. The magical pencil is ready to perform its job when my mind wanders out of the window looking at the beauty of the sky wondering what might be there in the space that I would want in my collection. As I come back to my cozy and warm chair all the way in my mind. I start to think about what I shall do special and lovely on such a wonderful day when my mind says, ‘whatever you like sir’.
I sigh and sit straight to look around when my eyes rest on the beautiful lady in the photo next to the bed on the corner table. I look into the pretty and naughty eyes of the lady who would be back in two days from her mother’s house to bring back care and her lovely smile which she has taken from me. The lovely smile of hers which is an inspiration for me for all the hard work I do every day.

I remember exactly how my wife was sitting in a sexy pose and she could not stop me from making her sketch when she was busy massaging her hair and noticed me what I was up to. She chased me up and down the house to snatch away her sketch but in the end, I won and framed her sketch which is in our bedroom now.
I dropped my pencil in my bag and walk out to the garden next to the house. I find a suitable place to sit down below the tree in the garden to have a better view of a beautiful bird and start drawing the sketch of the bird. I was almost done with the drawing when the lovely bird flew away. I decided to complete my sketch on my own with all the power of imagination I could muster in by myself.

I think whether the sketch looks exactly like the bird or there is some possibility of improvement. I smile back at myself and then at my sketch and think that it looks marvelous as it is, nobody knows what exactly the bird looked like when I made it. With my lovely little success, I put my sketch sheets collection, blank white sheets which would soon be a part of my collection when I draw on them and my pencils along with other things inside the bag to make my way back home.
After reaching home I watch at my collection with happiness and think which sketch should be framed to decorate the wall with as a photo. I think how boring would my Sundays be if I did not have a cup of coffee and my precious pencils with me all day to spend my time with. Sketching is my passion and without it, I just cannot imagine how boring my life could be like. Then I realized the importance of just a cup of coffee and my pencil in my life.

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