Vishakha Purohit

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Have No Worries

Written by Vishakha Purohit

In a very far of place amongst the valley of the mountains, there dwells an enlightened saint in the highest mountain, where not many people visit but a few of them climb up the highest mountain. Only to meet the magical saint who is the most peaceful man on the Earth. It is said that if you meet him once, peace and happiness will be bestowed upon you forever. Those people who could complete the journey to the highest mountain get the opportunity to meet him. The journey to the highest mountain is very long hence not many people could get the pleasure of meeting him.
Amongst the few people who could actually meet him is Jay my good friend. A few days back he came to visit me after completing his long journey. Oh dear, his face was glowing and I was able to sense something different and magical about his personality. From all the time since I knew him, he was a very serious and studious fellow but that day he appeared so different. He was so much relaxed and peaceful that it was hard to believe that I was seeing my friend.
After he realized that I was surprised to see him, he began to narrate his story of meeting the magical saint. He told me that when he was traveling on his world tour, he stayed in a very small village where he grasped and found some information about the magical saint from people. He decided to extend his stay at his hotel to try his luck to meet him and climb up as much as he could. He knew that meeting the saint is not a piece of cake. He gathered all of the courage he could muster from within and went off for the long journey.
On the way to the top of the mountain, all of the people who were accompanying Jay were supposed to stay in the tents and rest till they reach their destination. For him, the journey was not an easy task but including him, only three people were able to climb the mountain and reach their destination. After reaching the top of the mountain, the biggest hurdle of searching the cave of the magical saint was still left.
To cut the long story short, I would like to tell you that it took them three days to find the magical saint’s cave. At the moment of the meeting with the spiritual seeker, it became the best moment of Jay’s life. The glowing eyes, a shining skin and the irresistible calm smile which possesses the capacity to hold your attention from a long distance. You might wish to stay there forever to experience peace and the spiritual environment of the vibrating vibes coming from the magical saint. The purity of the soul and the spiritual bliss is what you would feel.
The saint would know everything about you once he would have rested his eyes on you. Within a fraction of a second, he would give you the solutions for your worries and will send you back saying, “Have no worries as, when you do not know why you came in this world and when you will leave this world, all is what God wants”
Then he will teach you the art of spiritual bliss and you will become a learner to the infinity and beyond. You will realize that all the worries are the matter of time and as the time will pass so will your worries pass and dissolve on their own along with your little efforts.
Jay told me that it is difficult to express everything about the meeting with the spiritual saint and every word he will use to express would be insufficient in expressing anything about it at all. After sharing his wonderful experience of the long journey then he left for a better life with the message of “Have no worries” to make a difference in his life forever.

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