Vishakha Purohit

Freelance Jewelry Writer

Diamond-Shaped Birds

Written by Vishakha Purohit

Oh God, they are back. I cannot believe where they come from and why do they come here every year. I must tell you they are a nuisance for us. They scare the hell out of us and leave as if they never came at all. They frighten our babies and then our babies refuse to try to fly. Now you tell me what I can do to make the children fly. They have to fly like we did but who will explain this to them. These Diamond-shaped birds come once a year during winter when the wind blows everywhere. I just cannot stop thinking about these birds as when we struggle to fly through the blowing winds then they show up. They do not even build nests or give eggs. I have tried to ask my parents about them but they don’t know much about them. I always felt curious about these birds. I have always wondered about these Diamond-shaped birds. They always fight amongst themselves but they never harmed any of us. These birds have colorful wings but their wings are different from ours.
One day, I decided to observe or take a closer look at them as they have showed-up again this year. I flew towards their direction but they did not look at me. They continued to fly upwards in the sky. I went so closer towards them and I fell down out of shock. They did not have eyes or wings. Oh, my God, I was so much terrified and confused about how could these Diamond-shaped birds live without eyes or wings. I kept thinking about how these birds fly without wings and this thing was eating me up inside.
I flew back home and told my family about what I saw. Even they were astonished about what I told them. From a corner of the tree where we were living, an elder bird came to us and joined us. During the conversation, he told us that he overheard humans calling Diamond-shaped birds as ‘kites’. Oh my God!!! They are called kites and I felt that these birds were called as Diamond-shaped birds.


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