Vishakha Purohit

Freelance Jewelry Writer

Delicious Dream

Written by Vishakha Purohit

Just like any other night, I was in my bed waiting for sleep to take me to an incredible journey of dreams as usually, we all do. My head was resting on the pillow and I was looking through the window into the sky. I was looking at the stars and the semi-circled moon in the sky through my window wondering how it would be if I could be with them. Just wondering how I will look like if I could be in the sky, very small like an ant or very tiny.

I really do not know when I fell asleep. I don’t know how but I find myself in front of a huge dark chocolate cake of the size of a house and with some vanilla ice cream on the top. Just imagine a dark and juicy chocolate cake decorated with colorful slices of fruits and vanilla ice cream of the size of a house in front of you. It appeared to be a very juicy and delicious cake. What will you do if you find a cake like the cake I am looking at amazed. It is difficult to decide what to do, follow your diet plan or just take a bit of the cake. I was baffled and I could not decide what to do with the cake eat it or leave it. I was observing the cake and I realized that any man would want to eat it. To be honest with you I did not want to miss this opportunity. So I thought of having a bite of the cake. It was very chocolaty and a worth eating cake. My heart started to bounce up and down for a piece of cake. I rushed here and there to search for a ladder and a knife to climb up and cut it into a sweet piece. As soon as I wished for a ladder and a knife, a miracle happened and it appeared in my hand. I carried the ladder towards the chocolate cake and I placed the ladder close to the cake. I climbed up and held the knife in my hands with a feeling of victory that the moment has come when I will finally taste it. I stretched my arm to take a bit of the piece of the chocolate cake.

I opened my mouth so that I could taste it but before the cake could enter my mouth. I started to choke and suffocate as soon as the cake was in my mouth. I was in a state of disappointment. I was struggling for my breath and I sneezed to find myself lying on the bed with the blanket in my mouth. I pulled out my blanket and pushed it away. The mystery of why the piece of cake started to choke me was uncovered by the blanket in my mouth. I did not like the interference of the blanket. The cake was in my mouth and I wanted to taste it but I could not.

I think I will never see that cake in my dream in future. The dream of the cake felt so real and I was mesmerized with the delicious appearance of the juicy dark chocolate cake. I wonder how it might have tasted if the dream would have continued.

So I decided to buy a chocolate cake for my family and my kids love chocolate cake. My wife and kids would be surprised to see a chocolate cake for them as I am a little health conscious and I buy cake only when there is a special occasion. I hope that they don’t find out the reason of why I bought a cake suddenly without any special occasion. I try to find the cake in my dreams sometimes. I hope maybe next time I will see something else in my dreams.

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