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An Interesting Abduction In My House

Written by Vishakha Purohit

Children are very creative and imaginative when they play games. How they convert a house into a play station in their unique games is unbelievably amazing. As kids enter into their world of games the home is not a home but an imaginative place where a game is going on. Every toy becomes a real thing, a Barbie or a toy car converts into a living lady and a real car. Their games are based on what they see around them and are inspired by what they think is the real world.

I am a working woman and a mother who works from home on Wednesday’s and Friday’s. One of these days, I was working from my home, my daughter approaches me with a sad face and tears were rolling down her cheeks. She complained to me that I do not have time to play with her. I felt that I was not giving her the attention she needed. I was so busy working that I realized I should give her more time.

Well honestly, I did not know that she wanted to play with me and then an idea came to my mind. I left the work and pulled her into my arms and asked her what she wanted to play. My sweetheart’s sobbing halted and she smiled. She was thinking and deciding what to play. After some time, she told me what she wanted to play.
I will explain what the game was like; her Barbie was her friend in the games. So she introduced me to her friend or the Barbie. My daughter wanted me to be her Barbie’s friend and I had to imagine a conversation between her Barbie and me. Not just imagine but also had to speak to the Barbie as well as reply to myself on behalf of the Barbie. This was very funny and it was like I was talking to myself. Anyways, I had to play the game or else she would cry again.

I started to enjoy the game a little bit when we arranged a tea party for three of us and combed the Barbie’s hair. We dressed the Barbie and I got a few snack items from the kitchen for the game (the snack was my idea). We ate some snack and played. My daughter pretended to be our teacher.

She was teaching us whatever she learned in her first-grade class. She was teaching us numbers and alphabets. A few color names and spellings of the words that were a new addition to her vocabulary. I felt proud of her that she knew numbers, alphabets, and a few word. I played with her for an hour or so and I realized I had some pending work to do so I left telling her to continue the game on her own. I had a few important tasks to complete so I went back to work.
I was doing my work and after an hour she tiptoed into my room slowly and peeped at my desk. She said that she could not find her Barbie where she kept her before going to the bathroom. She looked worried and tensed. I thought of helping her find the Barbie. We both went to find her Barbie but we could not find it. We looked here and there, everywhere. I like a mad person started to find her Barbie everywhere instead of completing my work. Anyways, I could not find her Barbie.

After spending some time searching for the Barbie and then she announced that she thinks that her Barbie has been kidnapped as we cannot find her. I went to the kitchen to drink some water and then, she says mommy we did not search her in my wardrobe we may find her there. When we searched her wardrobe and the Barbie was in her cupboard. She announced that we finally found her kidnapped Barbie with a smile on her face.

I realized that she had planned all of this and I asked her why she did this. She answered me with a smile on her face that I had asked her to continue and play the game so she kidnapped her. I felt like slapping her on her smiling face for wasting my time but I refrained and stopped myself as she was a kid and did not know that my work was more important than her game. I asked her if she enjoyed playing the game. She was very happy and I smiled at her childish stunt. I left her saying that I had to work and I am not playing the game but she can play with her Barbie.

I continued my work for a while and I asked her about her friends and school. I offered to cook her favorite meal for dinner and we bought a brick of ice cream. We had a nice time together. This is how the abduction took place in my house and I realized the possibility of how children learn things from their surroundings and everything they see. They include everything they watch on television or anywhere in their games.



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