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A Glimpse Of Death

Written by Vishakha Purohit

Just like any other day on 19th March 2014, I was in the gym working out and sweating awfully. It was a brilliant day and I was enjoying every bit of it like I was in heaven. I played with my pet and was on cloud nine. I was enjoying every bit of my exercise regime with my favorite songs playing in the gym as a delicious dessert. Everything was fine and I was close to the end of my work out session. I was planning to do my stretching positions to relax my muscles and sip by sip I was enjoying the ecstasy of drinking water like an old wine. I walked forward to play my radio and touched the switch by my right hand.
Everything changed in that moment and my whole body was shivering in the bath of power. My body was vibrating in 230 voltage of electric current and then suddenly, everything went numb as well as black like space. I do not know for how long I was in that black sea of nothing but I think my whole system went off on strike and my heart gave up its duty for some time. I have died for some time and I do not know what made my heart revive but after those black moments, I was again in my senses. It took me a few seconds to be in my complete senses. I was not able to walk properly and was out of balance.
As I regained my balance, I noticed that my right hand was burned and my fingers were blue. I ran to the basin to clean my hand and did my stretching to distract my mind but had to run away from the gym to the kitchen to apply ice. The moment I put the ice on my right hand the ice broke into pieces then I told my family about my hand. The whole day I had to keep my hand in the cold water as my hand was so much red that it needed some time to be back to the normal state.
The whole day I thanked God to save me because I was sure I could have died if not the God would have given his protection to me. I am thankful to God and my luck that I survived this electric shock. The next day I spent the whole day searching for other survivors of electric shock but I consider this event as a miracle that happened in my life. I do not know if you call this a miracle or not but for me, it was because I could have died if my luck would have been not so good. Not much damage did this electric shock do to me but still, my right hand is weaker than it was before. The power circulated throughout my body and inside my bones but I think I am fine now. This incident scared me and gave me an important lesson of not taking this life casually because we never know when we will die. We do not take this life seriously and do not enjoy every moment because life is uncertain.
I might have survived this electric shock but it changed everything in my life. Now is the time and just do not let it pass by unnoticed. Do what you want to do now as you may die anytime with no warning. This is how I meet death so closely but survived it.




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