Vishakha Purohit

Freelance Jewelry Writer

Short Stories

Short stories have been a part of the literature since a long period of time and I appreciate the hard work authors have put in to develop famous stories. It has been couple of years since I have been writing short stories.

Ever since I was at school, I started writing short stories and I would enjoy the flow of words that would come out my mind and soul to form a stories. In my free time, I would write out the undiscovered feelings, emotions and circumstances. I would like to share the good ones and continue to write more as much as I can.

You will find the collection of the short stories written by Vishakha Purohit here, well, that’s me. The collection of stories will take you to a different world of feelings and experiences.

Some of the stories from my collection of short stories can remind you of the crucial and special moments of your life. It can take you back to the past and give you a pleasure to relive the best experiences of the life.

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