Vishakha Purohit

Freelance Jewelry Writer

Fiction & Poetry

With the experience of more than one year in the writing industry, Vishakha Purohit is an author and a poetess when she is not writing non-fiction. She loves to write poetry and fiction (short stories, long stories, and short books) in her leisure time.

She uses her imaginative and creative mind to pen down interesting and wonderful stories. She thinks of various possibilities in life and put her thoughts on her desk that makes stories and poems. She has a lot of ideas for fiction stories and she is writing them one by one. She updates her stories with new stuff periodically and comes up with different story themes and outlines.

On her journey of writing fiction, she is learning techniques and tips to enhance the quality of her poetry and fiction. She is on a constant adventure of improving her fiction writing skills. She hopes that you will enjoy and like her poetry and fiction work. Thank you for visiting this website.

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