My Best And Favorite Creative Work- Fiction And Poetry

I would like to share with you my best and favorite creative work of fiction and poetry. All the fiction and poetry were written by me. Every word that has been written in them has made their way out of my heart and soul. I hope you will also like them and don’t forget to tell me what you think regarding them.

My Best Fiction (Short Stories):

  1. An Interesting Abduction in My House
  2. Just a Cup of Coffee and My Pencil
  3. Delicious Dream
  4. Have No Worries

My Best Poetry:

  1. The Silly Boy Walked
  2. Find Me
  3. Just Like Old Times
  4. Sometimes I Feel When
  5. When I Close My Eyes
  6. I am Calling Out
  7. Be Myself
  8. Master Soniya

These are all my favorite fiction and poetry. I believe that these are the best ones out of my collection of fiction and poetry. Thank you for reading.

The Month of February 2017

As I started to learn about freelance writing in the month of February, I made my own set of mistakes and accomplishments. Initially, I applied to every work I found out and soon I realized that the workload I took up was too much for me to handle. I did work for nine clients and I knew I could not keep up with the work I was assigned. With this experience, I gathered a skill of managing the minimum client, for example, three or four clients only at one time. I learned how to apply for the work and how to make clients. During the path of learning, the quality of my work increased drastically.
I don’t know how I managed to write 78 articles in the month of February. I wrote six or seven articles per day and even on Sundays. I just wrote all the time and during the night hours also. I worked the midnight oil out. I began to develop new skills of improving the quality of my work and gradually, I started to reach new horizons of success. But as the month of March crawled in all my energy was drained out and I had to reduce the number of clients gradually. During this process, I lost my earned money as clients did not pay for my work. Some of them did pay and some did not bother to pay me.
It taught me one important thing, as a freelance writer, the payment is not a guaranteed thing. Apart from this, the experiences of learning new writing skills were beneficial for me. I grasped new techniques of researching and writing on such topics that I did not know of at all.
Now in the month of March, I am feeling exhausted and writer’s block. I am looking forward to getting over this phase of writer’s block so that I can start working vigorously like I did in the month of February. I believe that more is still left to be learned and I am eager to learn new aspects of freelance writing. I wish to maintain a good reputation with my clients and I want to retain a few clients for long term work now. I think the right time has come to select suitable clients for long term work and deliver good quality work to them.
I have aimed now to develop a work and life balance in my life and make a daily routine to reduce workload and stress. I think creating a schedule of working time will help me or at least setting a number of hours of working will help me. I also have to figure out how to overcome the phase of writer’s block because for one week I am not able to write too much. I really want to get over with this inability to write. I want to write more and as much as I can. I will find out a way to do it very quickly.

Benefits and Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is also known as online marketing. Digital marketing is a term that is used to describe marketing services used to attract, bring in loyal customers and engage customers online. Digital marketing is promotion of products and services using online distribution channels or means to reach consumers in a timely and cost effective manner. Digital marketing is used in every tactic of marketing today. Electronic devices are used in the tools of the digital marketing to provide an experience that influences audience to prompt customers to take action. Marketers, in digital marketing use digital media like social media, SEO tools, keywords and email marketing to influence others. Digital marketing centers itself around the internet, which is a mean of communication between the marketers and the customers.

Benefits of Digital Marketing

  1. Level Of Playing Field– Businesses can compete with any competitor around them, regardless of size with a good marketing strategy. Traditionally, a small business would struggle to match the finesse and fittings of large competitors, whereas, he/she won’t struggle much with Digital Marketing.
  2. Cost Reduction– You don’t need high cost to develop online marketing strategy of your business. You can replace costly advertising channels with cheap and fast Digital Marketing.
  3. Simple to Measure– You can see in real time what is working for your business online and you can adapt your efforts to that change quickly to improve results.
  4. Real Time Results– There is no fax or form returns, so you don’t have to wait for days or weeks for a boost to your business operations. At just a touch of a button or click, you can see number of visitors, subscribers increasing gradually.
  5. Greater Exposure– People can see your business anytime and from anywhere in the world from your marketing campaign. You will see and notice that it is a long term return on your investment in future, once you have the key word search content in your website.
  6. Greater Engagement– You can most of the time encourage your prospect customers, clients and followers to take action, visit your website or blog, read about your product and services, rate it, buy and provide feedback to them that is visible to market. The publicity is easy and it usually doesn’t take long period of time this way.

Types of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing can be done through various ways. There are different ways to promote your products or services online. Ways of digital marketing are followings:

  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)– All the major search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo displays some results where web pages, images, videos and other contents are shown on the screen. SEO increases the website’s visibility across these search engines.
  2. Pay Per Click (PPC)– Do you remember those sponsored ads you always see at the top of Google’s search result page that are marked with a yellow label? That is PPC. PPC is a paid search, paid ads in PPC, are placed at right or to the top of search results.
  3. Social Media Marketing (SMM)- Social networking sites like facebook, twitter are used as a marketing tool. SMM is producing of content that users will like to share with their social network, and this way it will help a company to increase exposure and broaden reach.
  4. Content Marketing– Content marketing is a type of marketing technique that involves creation, distribution of high valuable, relevant and consistent content to attract and acquire an audience. It involves marketing by web pages, podcasts and videos.
  5. Viral Marketing– Viral marketing is a type of marketing where consumers, on the internet, are encouraged to share information about a company’s goods or services with their friends, family and relatives. It also includes videos on YouTube and blogs.
  6. Online Advertising– Online Advertising is a type of marketing that involves advertising on other’s website. You can buy a banner space on popular websites by paying the owner of website.
  7. Email Marketing– Email marketing is a type of direct marketing that uses electronic mails as means of communicating commercials. Every Email sent to the potential customer can be called as Email Marketing.
  8. Online Marketing– Online marketing is a marketing that use World Wide Web or internet and email to make direct sales via Electronic Commerce.

My Journey As A Freelance Writer

Since I was at school and the first time, I started to write, I knew somewhere in my heart that I was meant to be a writer but finally, becoming a writer now was not a piece of cake for me. I struggled with many thoughts before finalizing that writing is the right career for me. Gradually, it became clearer to me that I wanted to become a freelance writer and apart from this, I also write poetry and fiction. From that moment onwards, I started hunting down how to become a freelance writer. I read each and everything related to freelance writing that I could put my hands on the internet. I am very grateful to the internet and writers who have written about freelance writing so beautifully but there were a few things, I had to figure out myself through experience.

Although, I have written many articles and I have learnt how to write on almost any topic while knowing the fact that choosing a specific niche is necessary for a freelance writer. I guess I will figure out my niche as I will write more gradually. I know about many niches as I have read so much regarding it. I have tried my best to find out all the possible things about freelance writer. The speed of writing and the number of articles I write have increased with a lot of practice. As I have more than six months of experience only, I guess I still have to learn many things and unveil several new stuffs regarding my career.

I have learnt how to write good articles, how to increase number of the words I write in a particular time, how to research on a topic, how to communicate with clients, how to take right the quantity of work which you can complete in time, how to implement kaizen to my work and how to manage money effectively in these six months. I have learnt how to find work, how to apply for work effectively and finally, get the work.

As I worked for many clients, I meet some great people, made some new friends and I learnt new things from them. It has been a great experience working with my clients and they were very understanding and flexible while working. I am sure now than I was before that freelance writing is the ideal career for me.  I really love and enjoy my work. I always try to improve the quality of the work and decrease the delivery duration of my services gradually.

How does a day in my life look like?

As you might have already figured it out that I am a writer who writes poetry, fiction and non-fiction if you would have checked out my website.  I have been working as a freelance content writer for more than six months now, although, I had started preparing to be a writer a few months before starting to work by reading as much as I can. Now-a-days, what I do in my whole day might appear to be pretty dull if you look from far and you are not interested in writing but if you look at it as a writer or someone aspiring to be a writer then you will realize that my life is exciting as well as a tiring one. In my whole day, most of the time I spend is on writing and reading as it is my work so it seems like it is obvious. I find myself reading novels as a luxury, dancing and listening to music whenever I find free time.

Apart from checking emails, I keep records of a few things related to work and plan for the next day. Usually, my day begins with a little bit of breakfast, doing the morning stuff and checking out for the day’s work. I analyze how much work I have for the day and plan when I will do which work. I have breakfast and take bath quickly. I start working from 11:45 am until around 1:30 pm or 2:30pm then I go for lunch after 30 or 40 minutes I start working again. Before going to sleep, I go for a walk with my family whenever I can and read a book to relax during the day.

In the morning hours as you might have noticed, I don’t do much stuff usually because I have to work late in night till 4 am so I sleep in till 10:00 am. I know I might appear as a stupid person who works too much or may be a workaholic, just to point it out but I do work harder and I try to complete a day’s work before the next day begins to maintain a good reputation with my clients. I am burning the midnight oil most of the days to maintain a reputation as a hard working and reliable freelance writer. I have a lot of work load and writing to do, hence, I work 8/10 hours per day but I take the liberty to allow myself a holiday once in a week on the Sunday’s  to do other stuff I like, for example, watching television, reading books and occasionally, I dance and spend some time with my family. I sleep early on Sundays as well as wake up earlier the next day on Monday than usually, I do.

On Sunday, I clean and do dusting of my room, wash my clothes and dry them up, but sometimes, I do work for two hours also and go out to places with family. I like to watch movies, listen to music and relax for a while. I have started eating healthy diet but I still have to add some kind of exercise regime into my daily routine as well. I miss out a lot of things in my daily routine from Monday to Saturday like talking to relatives, family and friends, developing a new hobby or a new skill, writing a diary every day, cooking new recipes sometimes or tasting new recipes occasionally, drawing and painting. I will try to add new things to my daily routine gradually.

List of 130+ Freelance Writing Niches

As a freelance writer and blogger, I know choosing a specific writing niche is necessary and sometimes, confusing when selecting a few niches. I spent a lot of time researching freelance writing niches but none of the websites or blogs provided a huge list of all niches and I kept searching for more niches until now.

So I thought I should write a list of freelance writing niches that might be helpful to a beginner or anyone planning to create a new blog or website or freelance writing business.

I will try my best to include as many useful writing niches as I can that also pays for writers. Being a niche writer or experts increases the chances on getting assignments and jobs for writers.

Here is the list of 130+ freelance writing niches exclusively for you and I hope it would help in your writing career.

  1. Finance
  2. Technology
  3. Health
  4. Places
  5. Politics
  6. Economics
  7. Online marketing
  8. Digital marketing
  9. Fashion
  10. Travel
  11. Lifestyle
  12. Music
  13. News
  14. Movies
  15. Productivity
  16. Communication
  17. Resume writing
  18. Art
  19. Culture
  20. Pets
  21. Parenting
  22. Web designing
  23. Web development
  24. Programming
  25. Sports
  26. Wildlife
  27. Animals
  28. Science
  29. Business
  30. Online business
  31. Email marketing
  32. Social media marketing
  33. Social media
  34. SEO
  35. Architecture
  36. Design
  37. Photography
  38. Humor
  39. Interesting Facts
  40. Motivation
  41. Success
  42. Meditation
  43. Yoga
  44. Games
  45. Books
  46. Literature
  47. Food
  48. Nutrition
  49. Love
  50. Relationships
  51. Dating
  52. Friendship
  53. Marriage
  54. Personal finance
  55. Mutual funds
  56. Real estate
  57. Stock market
  58. Loans
  59. Banking
  60. Insurance
  61. Fitness
  62. Entertainment
  63. Reviews
  64. Nature
  65. Hiking
  66. Ceramics
  67. Knitting
  68. Skydiving
  69. Jewelry making
  70. Candle making
  71. Medicine
  72. Diseases and cures
  73. Festivals
  74. History
  75. Small business
  76. Entrepreneurship
  77. Emotional intelligence
  78. Space
  79. Your hobbies
  80. Stress relief tips
  81. International living
  82. Recreation
  83. Jobs and careers
  84. WordPress
  85. Google Adsense
  86. Law and legal services
  87. Make money online
  88. Make money writing
  89. Blogging tips
  90. Freelancing tips
  91. Investments
  92. Ecommerce
  93. Sales
  94. Purchase
  95. Online retailing
  96. Gardening
  97. Home decorations
  98. Automotive
  99. Pregnancy
  100. Baby care
  101. DIY (Do It Yourself)
  102. Education
  103. Culinary
  104. Environment
  105. Marketing
  106. Gadgets
  107. Product reviews
  108. Writing
  109. Weather
  110. Electronic
  111. How to write a novel
  112. Self-publishing
  113. How to write ebooks
  114. Journalism
  115. Obesity
  116. Personal caring
  117. Personal development
  118. Teach skills you know
  119. Jokes
  120. Poetry
  121. Fiction
  122. Feature writing
  123. Renting and leasing
  124. Planning and building a house
  125. Kitchen
  126. Cleaning
  127. Business letter writing
  128. How to do shopping with low budget
  129. Personal articles
  130. How to be a good mother
  131. How to be a good father
  132. Internet
  133. Cyber security
  134. Serial fiction
  135. Personal diary
  136. Beauty and style
  137. How to score good marks in exams
  138. Academic writing
  139. Speech writing
  140. Case study writing
  141. White paper writing
  142. Copywriting
  143. Sales copy writing
  144. Family
  145. How to write articles
  146. Debit cards and credit cards
  147. Language
  148. Pop culture
  150. Adventure
  151. Accounting
  152. Religion
  153. Spirituality
  154. Fantasy and imaginary writing
  155. How to fulfill your dreams
  156. Song writing


I hope I have covered almost all freelance and blogging writing niches but if I missed out a few which could be added here then do let me know.

I hope this list helps you selecting your writing niche and thanks for visiting.



Top 5 Freelancing Tips by Me

I have been a freelancer for six months and I have realized being a freelancer is exciting as well as a difficult task. Continuously hunting down for clients or new jobs or assignments, managing personal finance, improving skills, marketing, talking to new people and learning from other freelancers is what I do simultaneously.

Initially, it has been a hard task to manage everything but I think I know a lot about freelancing as I research a lot. On the path of my career of freelancing, I have made a few mistakes that I would like to share while I am still progressing towards success. I didn’t know how to find work, how to reach clients, about rates and to be an expert but I have learnt it now.

I would like to share top 5 freelancing tips by me:-

You should try to find out and know if freelancing is hobby or small business for you, part time or full time job- It will help you to know how much time you have to dedicate for freelancing. Freelance writing is a full time job and small business for me so I know I have to devote a lot of time. After you know this, you can easily schedule your work and ascertain how many hours you would like to work for.

Hourly rate or Fixed rate– Another thing that you will have to decide is whether your rates will be fixed or hourly rates. Hourly rates are charged to clients on the basis of rate per hour who work for them and fixed rates are charged to clients no matter how many hours you work on basis of rate per project that you have completed.

How to find new jobs or clients– Finding new jobs and clients is the most important task for a freelancer as we work with many clients. You should have a website or blog to display your services and what kind of work you do so that people can know about your work. On the website, you should display your portfolio and previous works done by you. Get charged up all over the social media so that you can market your freelance business and potential clients can reach you or contact you if they would like your services. Mention on your website that you are for hire so that potential clients will know for sure, you are available. You can register into job searching websites where freelancers and clients come together to contact each other like, and You can browse for other websites and send them emails to inform them, if they need your services and you are available. Contact other freelancers and ask them who are their clients, where they find them and how they find them as they might want to help you.

Find out your field of expertise or specialization in freelancing– Knowing your expertise or specialization can be help in freelancing small business as you can gain reputation and authenticity of being the best in your field. Knowing a specific niche is important for me as a freelance writer. Specific niche is a specific area of specialization or field where you can be an expert for in some time of learning. You will be more likely to get hired as possibility of getting hired as freelancer increases if you are an expert of a specific thing or skill.

Don’t give up and keep trying as you will get there soon– As freelancer, it is crucial to keep yourself self-motivated and inspired to work more and harder till you reach your goals. Don’t give up and keep trying as you will get there soon. Sometimes, I also have to motivate myself when finding work becomes a stressful task and I relax for a while. I try to find work and more work continuously.

So far I am enjoying my work and I am happy to be a freelancer. I am learning and improving as much as I can on regular basis. I keep find new assignments to work on and I like my work. I hope these freelancing tips help in your journey of freelancing.

Why I Started Blogging

Since I was at school, I always enjoyed reading books and writing stories. During my days in school, I would read all kinds of fiction books ranging from best seller ones to not so popular ones and non-fiction books like how to be successful, how to choose a perfect career path, how to improve personality and spirituality. I really wanted to land on the perfect career which was suitable for me. I started eliminating career paths which I didn’t like and made a list of things I liked. I eliminated science, chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics which I found not easy to understand. Gradually, I realized that I loved to write more than anything else. Finally, I decided that I had to do something related to writing as my career. It was a relief to my mind to get to know what I wanted in life.
Everything went back in to place and I started my first blog in 2014 where I would write short stories. At that moment, I was not aware of all technical aspects or features related to the blogging and unfortunately, soon I got busy with other issues of life. Eventually, I forgot about my first blog and started studying to get a professional degree and stopped updating my blog.
After two years, I made up my mind again that I will not divert my path from writing. The main concern of my family and relatives was how I will earn through writing as writers are assumed not to earn very much. It is difficult to make a living as a writer is how people think of writing as a career. This time I was determined that my career will be writing with or without money and I started my second blog in 2016, “”, where I write short stories, poetry, personal articles, serial fiction and I add new ideas which I like to the blog. Initially, in my second blog I wrote non-fiction articles on random various topics but later, I figured out choosing a specific niche or theme was necessary for a blog. So I started writing fiction and poetry while I was figuring out a specific ‘niche’ for my blog.
As I researched on writing jobs, freelance writing caught my attention and I started knowing more about it. I decided, finally, I will be a freelance writer and started reading about how to be a freelance writer. During this time, I was still deciding on a specific niche and I was reading many blogs simultaneously. I figured out complex niches were high paying like finance, digital marketing, health, online marketing and business, web designing and web development, SEO writing and online business. There were other niches like pregnancy and baby caring, fashion, beauty, knitting, freelancing tips, how to make money writing, making money online, blogging tips and sports, culture, music, art, history, news writing, small business and other niches.
With knowing all of these niches, it was more confusing to choose two or three niches for my third blog and among all these niches, lifestyle niche caught my eye while I was still researching a lot regarding more niches. The most interesting thing that I found out about lifestyle niche is that lifestyle is a specialized as well as generalized type of niche. Lifestyle niche has a huge scope in itself as it is a narrow as well as a wide niche. I liked it instantly as it gave me a freedom to write on various topics while it was also a specific niche or theme for a blog.
After starting this blog, ‘’, I changed the niche couple of times but I didn’t find myself writing about them. I was stuck for a while but then, I decided to write in lifestyle itself.
I always liked the freedom of writing on several topics and I discovered lifestyle has always been the niche I had been aching to write about.
This is how I started my journey with blogging and writing. I have found out many new things about writing as a career on the way recently. I am more confident regarding writing as my perfect career and I have a feeling that I might be a successful writer very soon in the future. I hope to share my journey of my career and life with all of you.