Within few seconds, the large waves strike them and swallowed up the boat. They held onto each other without breaking their grip as they fought against the waves. Suddenly, Rohan can feel everything turn into black and darkness as he loses consciousness and his eyes shut off.

After five hours, Rohan starts to wake up; he feels some weight on top of him and also, a weird sensation in his mouth. A ticklish and shivering feeling comes over him as the weird sensation seems to increase in his mouth. He opens his eyes slowly to an unusual sight in front of him.

“Oh my God, what do you think you are doing?” Rohan asked with a disgusted look on his face.

“I know. I know. It is gross but I was just trying to save you. None of the girls agreed to do it because they did not know to save someone like this in such situation. So I had no choice pal. I didn’t want to lose my buddy here.” Jay replied in a serious tone.

Arpita and Tanya looked at them and giggled slowly.

Five minutes later……..

Rohan sat down and said, “Well, whatever, anyways. Thanks for saving me, Jay.” He looks around him and continues to say, “Is everyone fine? Did anyone get hurt?”

“Yes, we are all fine. There are a few tiny bruises and injuries here and there due to the storm but it will heal and go away soon. Don’t worry and what about you. Are you ok Rohan?” Jay replied.

The explorer said, “Thank God, everyone is fine. I am fine too with a few injuries on my hands and legs. As you said, it will heal soon too. So where are we now?”

Jay said in a low voice, “We don’t know. We thought you might be able to find out so we were waiting for you to wake up. You are an explorer so maybe you can figure out what’s the safest next thing that we should do.”

“Thank you for believing in me. Since it is still night so we have to wait till it gets morning. We won’t be able see anything in this darkness.” Rohan said, “Do we have our bags with us?”

Arpita said, “We don’t know where the bags are and also, we could not find the boat as well.”

“No problem. We will try to find them in the morning in the daylight. I think you all should get some sleep before we start exploring this place. I will stay awake to guard us while you all sleep. We need sufficient energy in our bodies to walk around tomorrow.” Rohan said as he makes some space for them to sleep.

“We could take turns to guard us if you don’t mind. I will sleep for some time then you can take some rest too.” Jay suggested.

Rohan said, “Thanks. Don’t worry for tonight. I slept enough already. You already know me well and I only need four hours to sleep as you know.  We can take turns tomorrow during night if you want. Now go ahead and sleep, Jay.”

Three of them slept on the sand while Rohan sat alone guarding them. He checked his pockets to search for what he still had with him. He found his knife and a lighter in his pockets luckily but that’s all he could find. They have no clothes and food with them.

Rohan knew that things will be difficult from now and maybe, everyone knows this in their minds too. He looks at his friends sleeping peacefully on the sand and he could hear the sounds of tides pressing on the sand. He thinks that he will ask his friends to check their pockets also when they wake up. Maybe, they might have more things other than only a knife and a lighter with them. He sat there alone in the night waiting for the daylight to show up.


To be continued tomorrow………………