The Month of February 2017

As I started to learn about freelance writing in the month of February, I made my own set of mistakes and accomplishments. Initially, I applied to every work I found out and soon I realized that the workload I took up was too much for me to handle. I did work for nine clients and I knew I could not keep up with the work I was assigned. With this experience, I gathered a skill of managing the minimum client, for example, three or four clients only at one time. I learned how to apply for the work and how to make clients. During the path of learning, the quality of my work increased drastically.
I don’t know how I managed to write 78 articles in the month of February. I wrote six or seven articles per day and even on Sundays. I just wrote all the time and during the night hours also. I worked the midnight oil out. I began to develop new skills of improving the quality of my work and gradually, I started to reach new horizons of success. But as the month of March crawled in all my energy was drained out and I had to reduce the number of clients gradually. During this process, I lost my earned money as clients did not pay for my work. Some of them did pay and some did not bother to pay me.
It taught me one important thing, as a freelance writer, the payment is not a guaranteed thing. Apart from this, the experiences of learning new writing skills were beneficial for me. I grasped new techniques of researching and writing on such topics that I did not know of at all.
Now in the month of March, I am feeling exhausted and writer’s block. I am looking forward to getting over this phase of writer’s block so that I can start working vigorously like I did in the month of February. I believe that more is still left to be learned and I am eager to learn new aspects of freelance writing. I wish to maintain a good reputation with my clients and I want to retain a few clients for long term work now. I think the right time has come to select suitable clients for long term work and deliver good quality work to them.
I have aimed now to develop a work and life balance in my life and make a daily routine to reduce workload and stress. I think creating a schedule of working time will help me or at least setting a number of hours of working will help me. I also have to figure out how to overcome the phase of writer’s block because for one week I am not able to write too much. I really want to get over with this inability to write. I want to write more and as much as I can. I will find out a way to do it very quickly.