My Journey As A Freelance Writer

Since I was at school and the first time, I started to write, I knew somewhere in my heart that I was meant to be a writer but finally, becoming a writer now was not a piece of cake for me. I struggled with many thoughts before finalizing that writing is the right career for me. Gradually, it became clearer to me that I wanted to become a freelance writer and apart from this, I also write poetry and fiction. From that moment onwards, I started hunting down how to become a freelance writer. I read each and everything related to freelance writing that I could put my hands on the internet. I am very grateful to the internet and writers who have written about freelance writing so beautifully but there were a few things, I had to figure out myself through experience.

Although, I have written many articles and I have learnt how to write on almost any topic while knowing the fact that choosing a specific niche is necessary for a freelance writer. I guess I will figure out my niche as I will write more gradually. I know about many niches as I have read so much regarding it. I have tried my best to find out all the possible things about freelance writer. The speed of writing and the number of articles I write have increased with a lot of practice. As I have more than six months of experience only, I guess I still have to learn many things and unveil several new stuffs regarding my career.

I have learnt how to write good articles, how to increase number of the words I write in a particular time, how to research on a topic, how to communicate with clients, how to take right the quantity of work which you can complete in time, how to implement kaizen to my work and how to manage money effectively in these six months. I have learnt how to find work, how to apply for work effectively and finally, get the work.

As I worked for many clients, I meet some great people, made some new friends and I learnt new things from them. It has been a great experience working with my clients and they were very understanding and flexible while working. I am sure now than I was before that freelance writing is the ideal career for me.  I really love and enjoy my work. I always try to improve the quality of the work and decrease the delivery duration of my services gradually.