How does a day in my life look like?

As you might have already figured it out that I am a writer who writes poetry, fiction and non-fiction if you would have checked out my website.  I have been working as a freelance content writer for more than six months now, although, I had started preparing to be a writer a few months before starting to work by reading as much as I can. Now-a-days, what I do in my whole day might appear to be pretty dull if you look from far and you are not interested in writing but if you look at it as a writer or someone aspiring to be a writer then you will realize that my life is exciting as well as a tiring one. In my whole day, most of the time I spend is on writing and reading as it is my work so it seems like it is obvious. I find myself reading novels as a luxury, dancing and listening to music whenever I find free time.

Apart from checking emails, I keep records of a few things related to work and plan for the next day. Usually, my day begins with a little bit of breakfast, doing the morning stuff and checking out for the day’s work. I analyze how much work I have for the day and plan when I will do which work. I have breakfast and take bath quickly. I start working from 11:45 am until around 1:30 pm or 2:30pm then I go for lunch after 30 or 40 minutes I start working again. Before going to sleep, I go for a walk with my family whenever I can and read a book to relax during the day.

In the morning hours as you might have noticed, I don’t do much stuff usually because I have to work late in night till 4 am so I sleep in till 10:00 am. I know I might appear as a stupid person who works too much or may be a workaholic, just to point it out but I do work harder and I try to complete a day’s work before the next day begins to maintain a good reputation with my clients. I am burning the midnight oil most of the days to maintain a reputation as a hard working and reliable freelance writer. I have a lot of work load and writing to do, hence, I work 8/10 hours per day but I take the liberty to allow myself a holiday once in a week on the Sunday’s  to do other stuff I like, for example, watching television, reading books and occasionally, I dance and spend some time with my family. I sleep early on Sundays as well as wake up earlier the next day on Monday than usually, I do.

On Sunday, I clean and do dusting of my room, wash my clothes and dry them up, but sometimes, I do work for two hours also and go out to places with family. I like to watch movies, listen to music and relax for a while. I have started eating healthy diet but I still have to add some kind of exercise regime into my daily routine as well. I miss out a lot of things in my daily routine from Monday to Saturday like talking to relatives, family and friends, developing a new hobby or a new skill, writing a diary every day, cooking new recipes sometimes or tasting new recipes occasionally, drawing and painting. I will try to add new things to my daily routine gradually.