Top 5 Freelancing Tips by Me

I have been a freelancer for six months and I have realized being a freelancer is exciting as well as a difficult task. Continuously hunting down for clients or new jobs or assignments, managing personal finance, improving skills, marketing, talking to new people and learning from other freelancers is what I do simultaneously.

Initially, it has been a hard task to manage everything but I think I know a lot about freelancing as I research a lot. On the path of my career of freelancing, I have made a few mistakes that I would like to share while I am still progressing towards success. I didn’t know how to find work, how to reach clients, about rates and to be an expert but I have learnt it now.

I would like to share top 5 freelancing tips by me:-

You should try to find out and know if freelancing is hobby or small business for you, part time or full time job- It will help you to know how much time you have to dedicate for freelancing. Freelance writing is a full time job and small business for me so I know I have to devote a lot of time. After you know this, you can easily schedule your work and ascertain how many hours you would like to work for.

Hourly rate or Fixed rate– Another thing that you will have to decide is whether your rates will be fixed or hourly rates. Hourly rates are charged to clients on the basis of rate per hour who work for them and fixed rates are charged to clients no matter how many hours you work on basis of rate per project that you have completed.

How to find new jobs or clients– Finding new jobs and clients is the most important task for a freelancer as we work with many clients. You should have a website or blog to display your services and what kind of work you do so that people can know about your work. On the website, you should display your portfolio and previous works done by you. Get charged up all over the social media so that you can market your freelance business and potential clients can reach you or contact you if they would like your services. Mention on your website that you are for hire so that potential clients will know for sure, you are available. You can register into job searching websites where freelancers and clients come together to contact each other like, and You can browse for other websites and send them emails to inform them, if they need your services and you are available. Contact other freelancers and ask them who are their clients, where they find them and how they find them as they might want to help you.

Find out your field of expertise or specialization in freelancing– Knowing your expertise or specialization can be help in freelancing small business as you can gain reputation and authenticity of being the best in your field. Knowing a specific niche is important for me as a freelance writer. Specific niche is a specific area of specialization or field where you can be an expert for in some time of learning. You will be more likely to get hired as possibility of getting hired as freelancer increases if you are an expert of a specific thing or skill.

Don’t give up and keep trying as you will get there soon– As freelancer, it is crucial to keep yourself self-motivated and inspired to work more and harder till you reach your goals. Don’t give up and keep trying as you will get there soon. Sometimes, I also have to motivate myself when finding work becomes a stressful task and I relax for a while. I try to find work and more work continuously.

So far I am enjoying my work and I am happy to be a freelancer. I am learning and improving as much as I can on regular basis. I keep find new assignments to work on and I like my work. I hope these freelancing tips help in your journey of freelancing.