Why I Started Blogging

Since I was at school, I always enjoyed reading books and writing stories. During my days in school, I would read all kinds of fiction books ranging from best seller ones to not so popular ones and non-fiction books like how to be successful, how to choose a perfect career path, how to improve personality and spirituality. I really wanted to land on the perfect career which was suitable for me. I started eliminating career paths which I didn’t like and made a list of things I liked. I eliminated science, chemistry, biology, physics and mathematics which I found not easy to understand. Gradually, I realized that I loved to write more than anything else. Finally, I decided that I had to do something related to writing as my career. It was a relief to my mind to get to know what I wanted in life.
Everything went back in to place and I started my first blog in 2014 where I would write short stories. At that moment, I was not aware of all technical aspects or features related to the blogging and unfortunately, soon I got busy with other issues of life. Eventually, I forgot about my first blog and started studying to get a professional degree and stopped updating my blog.
After two years, I made up my mind again that I will not divert my path from writing. The main concern of my family and relatives was how I will earn through writing as writers are assumed not to earn very much. It is difficult to make a living as a writer is how people think of writing as a career. This time I was determined that my career will be writing with or without money and I started my second blog in 2016, “thenewvoicevishakha.wordpress.com”, where I write short stories, poetry, personal articles, serial fiction and I add new ideas which I like to the blog. Initially, in my second blog I wrote non-fiction articles on random various topics but later, I figured out choosing a specific niche or theme was necessary for a blog. So I started writing fiction and poetry while I was figuring out a specific ‘niche’ for my blog.
As I researched on writing jobs, freelance writing caught my attention and I started knowing more about it. I decided, finally, I will be a freelance writer and started reading about how to be a freelance writer. During this time, I was still deciding on a specific niche and I was reading many blogs simultaneously. I figured out complex niches were high paying like finance, digital marketing, health, online marketing and business, web designing and web development, SEO writing and online business. There were other niches like pregnancy and baby caring, fashion, beauty, knitting, freelancing tips, how to make money writing, making money online, blogging tips and sports, culture, music, art, history, news writing, small business and other niches.
With knowing all of these niches, it was more confusing to choose two or three niches for my third blog and among all these niches, lifestyle niche caught my eye while I was still researching a lot regarding more niches. The most interesting thing that I found out about lifestyle niche is that lifestyle is a specialized as well as generalized type of niche. Lifestyle niche has a huge scope in itself as it is a narrow as well as a wide niche. I liked it instantly as it gave me a freedom to write on various topics while it was also a specific niche or theme for a blog.
After starting this blog, ‘vishakhaoutlook.wordpress.com’, I changed the niche couple of times but I didn’t find myself writing about them. I was stuck for a while but then, I decided to write in lifestyle itself.
I always liked the freedom of writing on several topics and I discovered lifestyle has always been the niche I had been aching to write about.
This is how I started my journey with blogging and writing. I have found out many new things about writing as a career on the way recently. I am more confident regarding writing as my perfect career and I have a feeling that I might be a successful writer very soon in the future. I hope to share my journey of my career and life with all of you.