About Vishakha Purohit


I am a freelance content writer and blogger. I have worked with several clients and I am an experienced freelance writer who respects the time, requirements and expectations of my clients. I have written for many websites and blogs about business related topics as well as other topics like finance, lifestyle, and health. I am also a creative and fiction writer.

Issues You Might Have Faced

I know how much confusing it is to find a suitable freelance writer who exactly matches your requirements if you have to consider many options. If you are struggling with finding a freelance writer who delivers quality work, plagiarism free content and delivers work on time. You are looking for a professional writer who knows how to research properly before delivering content to you and manages time efficiently then you have come to the right place.

The Benefits I Can Provide You

With my experience, I have mastered the skills of delivering a plagiarism free and error free content, delivering quality work on time after understanding your requirements regarding your task. I am always on a constant adventure of continuous improvement of my writing skills.

Knowing Your Requirements

Knowing your requirements is crucial before I deliver service as per your expectations. Before I start working on your project(s), I would like to know the following details regarding the writing task when you assign me work.

  1. What is the topic or title of the writing task?
  2. What kind of project it is and what is the project about?
  3. How many words do you want in the writing task (word count)?
  4. What is the kind of writing style required for this task (conversational/informative/formal/informal/personalized style)?
  5. What is the deadline or any specific submission date for this writing task?
  6. Who is the target audience (or readers)?
  7. What are the expectations from this work (if any)?


Am I Full-time or Part-time Freelance Writer?

I am a full-time freelance content writer and a blogger.

By When Will I Respond To Your Email?

I will respond to your email in 3 business days and this is the maximum time I would ever take to revert back to you. Usually, I will respond before 2 business days and mostly, within 24 hours.

What you will find here?

This is my freelance writing website where I have mentioned about my services, FAQs regarding questions that you might want to know about before working together, my portfolio or writing samples and the necessary information before hiring me.

You can follow me on Twitter and get updates regarding new stuff of my websites. If you would like to share your story or opinion with me or hire me, you can email me at, ‘vishakhapurohit232@gmail.com‘.

Know Me from Inside-out

Thank you for visiting my website.