Vishakha Purohit

Freelance Writer And Author

About Vishakha


With the experience of more than one year in the writing industry, Vishakha Purohit has been developing high quality content with excellence and expertise for various website owners and entrepreneurs. She has been a freelance content writer for more than one year and she has grasped the know-how’s of this freelance writing industry.

Vishakha Purohit is a freelance content writer and author who live in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. She is an experienced content developer who respects the time, requirements and expectations of her clients. You will find the best price for the freelance writing services with rewards of best quality content, satisfaction and completion of work as per your requirements.

She has been working with several clients who are amazing, interesting individuals (some are bloggers and content managers), companies, entrepreneurs and website owners.

Apart from the experience that she has to offer to you, she specializes on the topics related to business, finance, lifestyle, and health. She has learned several useful skills and techniques that can helpful for you. It has been helpful and useful on the path of her career. She has completed writing projects of website content writing, article writing, blog writing and content writing.


Presently, she is writing her first novel and she loves to read fiction and non-fiction books. She loves to listen to music and write poetry and stories in her leisure time. She has been writing poetry and short stories since she was at school. She likes to apply relaxation techniques in her daily routine to reduce stress in her life.

She believes in Kaizen (the Japanese word for continuous improvement) and JIT (Just In Time) concept that is widely applied in TQM (Total Quality Management) by many enterprises and organizations.