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“Strive not to be a success, but rather to be of value.”

Albert Einstein

I am a freelance writer who writes engaging and interactive content on jewelry, precious gemstones, and jewelry making for jewelry blogs and websites. With search engine friendly content, the traffic and number of visitors to your jewelry blog or website will be enhanced. It will act as a catalyst for the online marketing efforts and boost your online presence.

It’s no secret anymore that content is king in the present scenario. Impressive, interactive, engaging, and high-quality content can boost your online business website.

I am a freelance writer in India who respects the time, offers creative and innovative approach towards writing content through brainstorming ideas full of uniqueness. You will find the best price for the freelance writing services with rewards of quality content, satisfaction, and completion of work as per your requirements.

About Vishakha Purohit

With the result-oriented attitude towards doing the writing work, I demonstrate my brilliant writing style and skills of developing valuable content with excellence and expertise for my client(s).

I am an experienced freelance jewelry and jewelry making writer who lives in Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. You will find me writing engaging and interactive content for blogs, articles and website content for businesses planning to build or design their own websites. I also write poetry and fiction. You can contact me through

I have been working with several clients who are amazing, interesting individuals (some are bloggers and content managers), companies, entrepreneurs and website owners.

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Freelance Content Writing Services Offered

  • Blog Writing (Writing blog posts for your website or blog)
  • Website Content Writing
  • Content Writing
  • Article Writing
  • SEO Content Writing
  • Guest posts

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Benefits of the hiring my freelance content writing services

I am always on a constant adventure of continuously improving my writing skills. Here are the following benefits of hiring me for you:

  • SEO Centered Articles
  • Feedback is valued
  • As Per Your Content Needs
  • Traffic generation for your website
  • Reader-oriented and reader-friendly content
  • Addition of creativity and accurate information to the content
  • More return on investment(ROI) for you
  • Well-researched work
  • Responsiveness
  • Timely Delivery
  • Plagiarism Free Work
  • Grammatical Error Free Services
  • Long Term Association
  • Professionalism
  • Reliability

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Why Choose Vishakha Purohit’s Freelance Writing services?

You will find the best price for the content writing services in India with rewards of high-quality content, better results, and completion of work just the way you want.

So why compromise in the process of getting your work done?

Issues You Might Have Faced

I know how confusing it is to find a suitable freelance content writer in India who exactly matches your needs if you have to consider many options. Possibly, you are struggling to find a freelance writer needed for your website and online business who delivers quality work, plagiarism free content and delivers work on time. You dedicated a lot of time in looking for a professional writer who knows how to research properly before delivering content to you and manages time efficiently then, my content writing services in Indore, India is best and suitable solution for your dilemma.

Knowing Your Requirements

Knowing your requirements is crucial before I deliver freelance writing services as per your expectations. Before I start working on your project(s), I would like to know the following details regarding the writing task while you assign the work.

  1. What is the topic or title of the writing task?
  2. What kind of project it is and what is the project about?
  3. How many words do you want in the writing task (word count)?
  4. What is the kind of writing style required for this task (conversational/informative/formal/informal/personalized style)?
  5. What is the deadline or any specific submission date for this writing task?
  6. Who is the target audience (or readers)?
  7. What are the expectations from this work (if any)?


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